Weight and diet

I haven’t updated my weight in awhile. Truthfully, it’s been pretty stagnant. I lost five lbs and it’s stayed there. The past six weeks or so I’ve been a little on the lazy and feeling the nasty Oregon season. And, I’ve been indulging more than I should.

I know a lot of runners take the winter months to chill out and I guess that’s me, too. I haven’t stopped or anything, but I’m chilling. Maybe I needed it? Maybe I didn’t? But I do know that March is around the corner which means, in my part of the world, flowers, sunlight along with the rain (hey, better than nothing!), longer days, and glimpses of Spring fever. It also means upcoming races and (gulp!) bathing suit season.

Even though I’ve taken it easy, I’m slowly feeling more and more motivated and looking forward to getting back in the swing of things 100%. My bootcamp starts up again on Monday and I will be scaling back to two days per week per my coach and my knees, which have been remarkably not sore since my break. I have to get all those runs in during the week now. I do need a new headlamp before I can start doing that since my dog destroyed my other one last week (little bastard!).

And, I’ve got to get rid of this last bit of weight. 10, 20, 30 lbs, or whatever it ends up being. I’ve been getting into some bad habits as of late such as not being able to turn down the occasional office goodie, eating out too often with friends (well, not making great choices, anyway), and have made some overall bad choices at the grocery store as well as at home. Sometimes I need to hit the RESET button and get rid of all the excess, which is usually the carbs. I let carbs sneak into my life from time-to-time, and right now, there are too many.

Crossfit folks like the Paleo diet. I found it a bit restricting and unrealistic. So, I poked around and came across the Primal Blueprint diet which is also very restricted carbs, but only those unnatural ones such as sugar and grains. There is some allowance for dairy, fruit, and all veggies, even potatoes on occasion. Of course, if you are trying to drop weight, there are some additional suggestions such as limiting the items that are heavier in carbs and watching your portions.

This all works well for me as it’s my typical lifestyle anyway, but it makes me more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth if I’m following something specific, and all those things that have “leaked” into my diet are nixed. I won’t experience huge side-effects, but I haven’t gone completely grain free since I started running so that should be interesting. My biggest issue is the fruit, which I enjoy quite a bit. I’m also going to miss oatmeal. I’ve been loving dried fruit which is really just a sugar bomb, so I need to stop eating those, to. Luckily, I already swore off alcohol. Just meats, natural fats, veggies, some fruit, a few nuts, and limited dairy.

Tonight I ate roasted veggies (I roast a bunch over the weekend eat them all week – rutabega, turnip, parsnip and peppers – then bake them for a bit before eating . . . good stuff!) topped with organic, grass-fed, 90/10 ground beef with homemade taco seasoning and handmade guacamole. It was awesome! And really, it’s so dense and nutritious, you don’t need to eat much of it.

Tomorrow, I will try Bulletproof Coffee!


2 thoughts on “Weight and diet

  1. Hi Julie!

    I found your blog via Mark’s Daily Apple and thought I would follow you. 🙂 I did the Heartbreaker too, although I ran the 5K since I am not running long distances anymore – in fact, the Shamrock 8K will be my longest run since I did the Girlfriends Half back in October (and hurt my knee, hence, less running and more strength training for me these days).

    Anyway, it’s always great to find other Portlanders out in blog land. Do you follow Lisa at http://www.110pounds.com? She’s also in Portland and a favorite local blogger of mine.

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